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3 Reasons Your Corporate Softball Team Needs Custom Athletic Uniforms

Softball team huddle before the start of a softball game in color.  All logos have been removed.Baseball might have initially started in the U.S., but it’s since spread worldwide, with more than 100 countries now participating in the International Baseball Federation. The first official baseball game took place in 1846, and only 41 years later, softball was born.

Today, just as baseball has become a worldwide phenomenon, softball is played all across the globe by men, women, and children alike.

If you’re a working adult, your company may have a summer softball team. Playing ball with your coworkers is a great way to blow off some steam after a tough day at the office, and it’s also a great team-building activity that can greatly improve your company’s morale and productivity.

If your office does have a team, why not invest in some cool softball team uniforms? Here are three reasons team apparel like custom team uniforms will help you make the most out of your corporate softball experience.

  1. Build team spirit

Cultivating a sense of team spirit is essential to get the whole team excited about the games. Company softball team uniforms will help you spread that feeling from the team members all the way back to the office where your coworkers will feel a sense of pride for their home team.

2. Intimidate the competition

Other teams will turn green with envy when they see you march out onto the field in matching athletic apparel. If you want your company to stand out as the best, you need to be the best at everything, including being best dressed in the league.

3. Spread the word

Wearing team uniforms will help your marketing efforts both on and off the field. While you’re playing, all of the spectators will know who you are and where you’re from. As long as your company name and logo are present, and your colors match your brand identity, you can increase brand recognition even when you’re off the clock. And, when your company goes out for victory pizza after the game, your uniforms will continue to spread the word about your company all across town.

Whether you win or lose, you can still consider every game a victory when you’ve got impressive softball team uniforms representing your company.

NFL, Nike Introduce Inverted Football Jerseys

Nike and the National Football League this weekend launched a new set of jerseys which they’re calling the “Inverted Legend” series.

The jerseys, which appear to be a retail-only “fashion” option, for now, and feature the usual team jersey designs but re-coloured with the usual secondary colour now used as the base hue.

A few of the more colourful and interesting examples here:


Unfortunately for most of the teams included in this series, the prominent secondary colour used is grey or silver, which leads to more than a few fairly uninteresting designs from the lot — I mean it’s grey, it’s kinda hard to make it exciting.

Here’s the entire set, as shown for sale at at the time of this post. Only 19 of the league’s 32 teams available:

I wouldn’t mind seeing some of these designs on the field one day, Ravens in gold? Sure! The Bills retro style in navy blue is also a surprisingly good look. Share your favourites in the comments.

Rounding up Minor League Baseball Rebrand Season

For exactly two months, beginning October 5 and culminating December 5, eight affiliated minor league baseball teams announced rebrands. The season of rebrands featured everything from teams merely updating an existing suite of logos to franchises changing cities and adopting entirely new identities. See below for our recap.

Fredericksburg Nationals (FredNats)
Date Unveiled: October 5, 2019
Designer: Studio Simon
Previous Name: Potomac Nationals
League: Carolina, High A

The Story: The somewhat uninspired decision to maintain their parent club’s nickname in the wake of a move from Potomac to Fredericksburg was offset by a terrific suite of logos that incorporated both George and Mary Washington, an homage to the first first family, which lived on nearby Ferry Farm.

Kannapolis Cannon Ballers
Date Unveiled: October 23, 2019
Designer: Studio Simon
Previous Name: Kannapolis Intimidators
League: South Atlantic, Single-A

The Story: The team needed a new brand because Intimidators was controlled in part by Dale Earnhardt’s estate. The new name incorporates the word “Cannon,” important because the town exists because of the historic Cannon Mills textile plant, but does so without specifically referencing the military weapon. Also important: The human cannon ball character has a Dale Earnhardt mustache.

Missoula PaddleHeads
Date Unveiled: November 4, 2019
Designer: Brandiose
Previous Name: Missoula Osprey
League: Pioneer, Rookie

The Story: The team made the rare choice of ditching a hyper-local brand—osprey are so local there’s one that lives on a post at the stadium—in favor of one with a broader appeal. That said, the moose-themed brand was selected on a day when an actual moose walked through downtown Missoula.

Wichita Wind Surge
Date Unveiled: November 13, 2019
Designer: Todd Radom Design
Previous Name: New Orleans Baby Cakes
League: Pacific Coast, Triple-A

The Story: The franchise, which for the past three seasons has been the poster child for wacky minor league brands as the New Orleans Baby Cakes, went a different direction with a more sophisticated brand. The identity is a tribute to Wichita’s reliance on wind in various forms, as well as its status as an up-and-coming city.

Danville Braves
Date Unveiled: November 22, 2019
Designer: In House
League: Appalachian, Rookie Advanced

The Story: The D-Braves stayed true to their Braves brand, but updated a suite of logos that had been in use since 1993.

Worcester Red Sox (WooSox)
Date Unveiled: November 25, 2019
Designer: Brandiose
Previous Name: Pawtucket Red Sox (PawSox)
League: International, Triple-A

The Story: Fans and media started calling the franchise the WooSox the moment it was announced that they would move 40 miles north to Worcester for the 2021 season, so the name was not much of a surprise. What was a surprise was the smiley face themed logo, an homage to Worcester’s own Harvey Ball, who invented the iconic image in 1963.

Fort Myers Mighty Mussels
Date Unveiled: December 3, 2019
Designer: Brandiose
Previous Name: Fort Myers Miracle
League: Florida State League, Class A Advanced

The story: After 28 years playing with a name they brought with them from Miami, the franchise, under new ownership, adopted a new brand associated with local aquatic life, with a focus on fitness.

Norwich Sea Unicorns
Date Unveiled: December 5, 2019
Designer: Brandiose
Previous Name: Connecticut Tigers
League: New York-Penn, Short-Season Class A

The Story: The franchise ditched their parent club’s brand in favor of a unique nickname. The Sea Unicorns’ brand taps into mythology surrounding narwhals, which have long been associated with legend and mythology.

Dallas Renegades reveal new black and blue uniforms ahead of XFL season

The Renegades’ 10-week regular season begins on Sunday, Feb. 9.

Dallas Renegades, the area's new XFL pro football team, unveiled their new uniforms during a team event at an Arlington, Texas hotel, Tuesday, December 3, 2019.

As the NFL season rolls on, the XFL’s journey back into the professional football landscape is about to begin.

The teams have been named, players have been drafted, and now, uniforms have been revealed. The Dallas Renegades unveiled their new look on Tuesday, and will be taking part in their first practice this week.

Along with the uniform release, the team announced home jerseys will retail for $79.99. Authentic No. 20 jerseys will also be available for $225 starting Dec. 17, and customization will be available in-stadium during games.

The re-envisioned XFL got its start in January 2018 with owner Vince McMahon’s announcement that he was bringing back the league that had been dormant after one ill-fated season in 2001. The Dallas franchise was announced in December 2018 and it was revealed home games will be played at a reconfigured Globe Life Park in Arlington.

The XFL is divided into two four-team divisions, East and West. The XFL East features teams in Washington, New York, St. Louis and Tampa Bay. The XFL West has teams in Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles and Seattle.

Each team will host five home games and play a schedule that features a home-and-home series against division rivals and one game against each team in the other division. The regular season ends on April 12. The division finals will be the following week and the winners will play for the championship on Sunday, April 26.

Eagles wearing black jerseys against Giants on Monday Night Football

Ideally won’t be dressing for their own funeral.

The Philadelphia Eagles are breaking out their all-black uniforms for this week’s game against the New York Giants on Monday Night Football.

Monday will mark the second (and likely final) time the Eagles wear black during the 2019 season. The team previously wore their alternate jerseys when they defeated the Chicago Bears at home back in Week 9 on Sunday, November 3. That’s the last time the Eagles actually, you know, won a football game.

The Eagles’ history of wearing black against the Giants has typically worked out pretty well for Philadelphia. The black Birds beat the Giants 27 to 0 — their first shutout win in 18 years — on Sunday Night Football in 2014. The Eagles then beat the Giants 27 to 7 on Monday Night Football in 2015. The Eagles most recently defeated the Giants while wearing black in Week 12 of the 2018 season.

We’ll see if the Eagles can keep up their dominance of the Giants on Monday night.

Texas Rangers Unveil New Uniforms For 2020 Season

The Texas Rangers will be heading into the 2020 season with a new ballpark and some new uniforms.

On Wednesday, the team unveiled several new uniforms at Texas Live! as their new home, Globe Life Field, heads into the final stages of construction.

Two of the uniforms feature the word “Rangers” across the front of the jersey, which the team said is the first time they’ve used that word on their home jerseys since 2008.

The team also showed off its new secondary logo with the letters “TX” on the patch.

The new powder blue jerseys appear to be the standout of the new ones unveiled as it has garnered mixed reaction from fans. The team said these jerseys will be worn for Sunday games.

The Rangers will look to debut their new uniforms in their new home starting in March 2020.

XFL uniforms revealed: Here are the jerseys for all eight teams in 2020

We have the cities, the rosters and the schedule , and now we’re finally getting the uniforms.

The XFL is making its latest reveal Tuesday, providing a look at every team’s uniforms for the 2020 season. The season will officially start on Feb. 8, but it’s nice to get an advance look at what the players will be wearing once we get to kickoff.

Uniforms are being for all eight franchises: the D.C. Defenders, Tampa Bay Vipers, Seattle Dragons, St. Louis BattleHawks, New York Guardians, L.A. Wildcats, Houston Roughnecks and Dallas Renegades.

In November, Front Office Sports reported in November the brand Starter would handle the XFL’s off-the-field apparel for all eight teams. However, Starter would not be involved with the on-field apparel. During the XFL’s first run in 2001, the league partnered with Champion for its on and off-field apparel.

Below are the uniforms for each of the eight teams in 2020, updated as they’re revealed.

D.C. Defenders

Dallas Renegades

New York Guardians

Houston Roughnecks

St. Louis BattleHawks

Tampa Bay Vipers


Seattle Dragons


L.A. Wildcats


Buffalo’s Worst Jersey

The clear-cut winner goes by one name – The Turd Burger.

Throughout the history of any sports franchise, both good and bad decisions have been made. From on-the-field signings to off-the-field changes, not every move can be the right one.

In the history of the Buffalo Sabres, we focus on their jersey decisions. Buffalo has had some white-hot items as well as downright duds.

This look back begins with one tweet.

With that, we begin our trip down memory lane.

The Buffalo Sabres social media team poorly planned a release of this jersey, sending photos of a jersey swatch out on multiple occasions.

By the time the jersey was released, fans appeared incredibly exhausted with the entire process.

When forward Steve Ott “stole” the jersey and released it himself through Twitter, the response was tepid.

It is not too difficult to roll down the responses to the jersey release to find a handful of incredible responses.

Despite holding the prestigious role of Team President, Ted Black would talk himself into a corner. When it came to speaking to Howard Simon of WGR about the jersey, it would be no different.

“If it’s a turd burger I’ll have to put it on a bun and eat it. It’s the way it is.”

With that, the turd burger was born.

The response to the jersey was so poor that when first reached for comment about the decision to create and release this jersey, then-Team President Ted Black handed back a very heavy-handed “no comment” to the Buffalo News.

The Buffalo Sabres kept these jerseys around from 2013-15, which coincidentally happened to pair up with the two of the three worst seasons in franchise history.

Sabres forward Cody Hodgson scored the first-ever goal while wearing the much-maligned third jerseys.

It does not get much more memorable than that.

Following the retirement of the “turdburgers” in 2015, Black finally admitted ultimate defeat when speaking to The Buffalo News, as told by Yahoo’s Puck Daddy.

“(Team President) Ted Black admitted the team did a poor job running the design past focus groups and also said, “we didn’t anticipate the amount of ‘third-jersey fatigue’ “ in the market in the wake of the team’s 40th anniversary throwbacks.”

The jerseys have remained close to the hearts of Sabres fans, for better or for worse. As time goes on, one has to think maybe we will see these jerseys but then again, they likely remain better off retired.

Browns’ Odell Beckham Jr. shows off his massive framed jersey collection

He has quite a wide variety of jerseys

Many fans have an extensive jersey collection, but it’s going to be hard to find one that rivals that of Cleveland Browns star wideout Odell Beckham Jr. On Friday, Beckham posted a video to Instagram of him walking through his home and showcasing his framed jersey collection.

In the video, fans can see Beckham’s collection, which includes jerseys from:

  • DeAndre Hopkins
  • Julio Jones
  • Khalil Mack
  • Joe Montana
  • Richard Sherman
  • Steve Smith
  • Jarvis Landry
  • Drew Brees
  • Jamal Adams
  • Ezekiel Elliott
  • Tom Brady
  • Jalen Ramsey
  • Stefon Diggs
  • Mike Evans
  • Todd Gurley
  • Colin Kaepernick

.. and plenty of others!

Beckham also has multiple jerseys from teammate Jarvis Landry from his time with the Miami Dolphins and now with the Browns. The duo also played together at LSU. .

The majority of the jerseys — which are all from various NFL eras — that Beckham has in his home are also signed by the players. Beckham has so many framed that it seems there isn’t much empty space of the walls in his house.

Beckham ends the video by showing off his basement that also has several more jerseys to go along with multiple arcades games.

Many fans may a few framed jerseys like this on display in their home, but it’s really hard to beat the impressive collection that Beckham has in his home.

New tradition: Ohio State and Michigan each wear home jerseys

As I sat in the press box at Ohio Stadium last Saturday following the Buckeyes’ 28-17 win against Penn State, I kept finding myself looking up to one of the television screens showing USC against UCLA. It wasn’t that this was a compelling rivalry game between two teams from Southern California — the Trojans were up 38-14 at that point — but the visual appeal of the contest kept catching my eye.

If you are unaware, USC and UCLA both wear their home jerseys when they meet in the final regular season game of the year no matter where the game is played. The two teams have done this all but one season since 2008 and prompted an NCAA rule change that permitted them to do so starting in 2009. This tradition goes back further to when both teams played in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum until the Bruins moved to the Rose Bowl in 1982.

While it’s becoming more normal to see teams move away from the tradition of home uniforms at home and away uniforms on the road in other sports, seeing USC in its Cardinal uniforms and UCLA in the true-blues on the field together is unique in college football and a beautiful sight.

What would be even more appealing to the eye is if Ohio State and Michigan adopted this same tradition. If on this Saturday, when the Buckeyes and the Wolverines meet for the 116th time, Ohio State wore its scarlet home jerseys and Michigan was in its famed blue kits, it would be a joy to behold. It wouldn’t matter that the game is in Ann Arbor because these two traditional college football powerhouses, each with their unique looks, would be on the field in their most recognizable uniforms.

These rivals used to do this. Although it’s hard to find evidence of this, due to black and white pictures from the time, the two teams wore their home jerseys until sometime in the 1950s.

What was the reason for the change? While there’s no official explanation, it is believed that television had to do with it. While scarlet vs. blue looks great in color in person, it’s hard to tell those two teams apart on black and white screens. By the late 1950s, TV had won out and the home team was wearing its color uniform and the road team wore white.

USC and UCLA wear their home jerseys against each other no matter where the game is played.

But it’s not as if this has become a set-in-stone tradition either. Nike has made sure of that. In 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2017 the Buckeyes wore an alternate uniform in The Game, differing from their traditional home or away kits. This was done to advertise those uniforms in the biggest game of the year and make money. But money be damned when it comes to this rivalry game.

It seems Nike has figured this out. After wearing all white uniforms in Ann Arbor two years ago, the Buckeyes were in their traditional home attire last season. There is not expected to be any alternate wear for this season’s game either.

So what’s standing in the way of these two teams, who have met every year since 1918, from going the way of USC and UCLA or Florida and Georgia, as another example? There are some requirements that have to be met.

According to the altered NCAA rules, the home team must agree to both teams wearing their home uniforms in writing prior to the game and the home team’s conference must verify that the uniforms contrast. So if Ohio State and Michigan wanted to make this happen, given their differing colors, it would not be difficult.

While there will certainly be the traditionalists who say that they want to see the home team in its home jersey and the away team in its away jersey when these two meet, that argument went out the window when Nike started altering things. If this was agreed upon by Ohio State, Michigan, the Big Ten and Nike, it would add another unique tradition to the rivalry that already has so many.